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Piano For Life

Student-led piano tuition

for adults and children.

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Elevate Your Piano Skills with Proven Teaching Excellence

About Pedal Notes

At Pedal Notes, our mission is make piano lessons fun and interactive - no matter what your age or ability! Whether you are a complete beginner, are working towards a grade exam, or have rusty fingers ready to learn again, you are guaranteed to learn piano in a relaxed, enjoyable setting with an experienced piano teacher. We’ve been offering piano lessons to people of all ages in the Dún Laoghaire/South Dublin area since 2000, and we're here to give you the personalised attention you deserve!

Why Choose Pedal Notes?


  • A New Skill - explore piano as your brand new hobby

  • Brain Training - learning music is a unique skill that engages both the left and right hand side of the brain

  • Discipline - practice makes progress, so we can ensure that learning piano will be one of the most rewarding things you do

  • Performance Opportunities - show off your piano skills to family & friends!

Our Plans

An option for anyone, no matter your experience. Adult Courses, Lesson Packs and Consultations, and Childrens Courses or Trial Lessons.

  • Trial Lesson (Adult or Junior)

    Adult or Junior trial lesson with our piano teacher
    Valid for 3 months
    • 1 x 30 minute class
  • Adult - Consultation Lesson

    Don't have time to commit to weekly lessons? No problem. You can get the input and advice you need t
    Valid for 3 months
    • 1 Piano Lesson (60 minutes)
  • Junior - Individual Lessons

    Every month
    Weekly 30 minute lessons for children (7 - 18 yrs old). See our policy for more info
    • Adult - Short Courses

      5-week courses, 45 min group lesson format. Max. 4 students per group. Great for Beginners
      Valid for 6 months
      • Adult - 5 Lesson Pack

        30 min weekly lessons, valid for 6 weeks from date of 1st lesson
        Valid for 6 weeks
        • 5 x 30 minute Piano Lessons for Adults
      • Adult - 10 Lesson Pack

        30 min weekly lessons, valid for 12 weeks from date of 1st lesson.
        Valid for 3 months
        • Adult Lessons (Trial Lesson Included)
      • Junior Infants Mini Musicians

        10 week term, 45 min class, every Saturday 10am
        Valid for 10 weeks
        • 10x 45 minute classes. Next term starts on 6th Jan.
      • Senior Infants Pre-Instrument Pros

        10 week term, 45 min class, Every Saturday at 11am.
        Valid for 10 weeks
        • 10 week term, 45 min class. Next term starts on 6th Jan.

      "I am a mature student, and had no experience of playing the piano. The method being taught is easily understood, and you can go at your own pace. Christine is very knowledgeable, patient and competent - a brilliant teacher – her love of music and the piano is infectious."

      - Phil Patchell

      "My 5 year old has had lessons with Pedal Notes and absolutely loves them. He's excited to go and excited to tell me about what he learned in every lesson. He's happy, which means I am happy!!

      - Kane Caswell



      New Year Junior's Course

      December 2023

      New Adults Courses Announced

      November 2023

      September Junior's Course - 10 weeks

      August 2023

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